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Introduction:  I have written a number of articles based on my recent book that explore the intersection between constructionism and psychotherapy.  Most of the articles are designed for mental health professionals although they may be interesting to the lay reader.  Each section below describes and article and includes a hyperlink to the pdf version.

A Constructionist Extension of the Contextual Model:   This article begins with a literature review that shows that psychotherapy techniques lack inherent power, that there are no significant specific factors inpsychotherapy and that our interventions are rituals powered by beliefs and expectations.  It provides an explanation for these surprising conclusions and develops recommendations for how they can be applied pragmatically in therapeutic practice.  The article was published in the December issue of the Journal for Psychotherapy Integration.   To see the full article, click here. 

Resolving the Common Factors Debate:  This article is an extension of the previous article.  It has a more elaborate and detailed literature review.  It explores additional theories about why techniques have no inherent power and why psychotherapy's privileged knowledge fails to enhance outcomes.  Implications for training and practice are developed.  To see the full article, click here. 

Implications of the “Kill the Buddha” Tradition for Psychotherapy:  This article examines psychotherapy from the perspective of an iconoclastic spiritual tradition which emphasizes that attachment  to practice tends to make one miss the essence of practice.  It was published in 2018 in the APA journal,  Spirituality in Clinical Practice.  To see the full article, click here. 

Confessions of an Early Adopter:  Practicing Therapy in Constructed Reality:  This article discusses how it feels to be an early adopter of constructionism in terms of working with clients, attending workshops, and cultivating life-long learning.  It was published in a 2019 Taos Institute book, Social Construction in Action. To see the full article, click here.

Constructionist Approaches to Treating Borderline Personality Disorder:  This article details a constructionist approach to treating BPD.  It is a chapter in a 2019 C. Lepkowsky edited book, Borderline Personality Disorder.  To see the full article, click here.

How Psychotherapy Actually Works:  This article is written for the lay person and offers numerous examples that demonstrate why techniuqes have no inherent power, the centrality of constructionism, and the implications for the evolution of psychotherapy.  To see the full article, click here. 

Video:  If you prefer to be introduced to this material via a video talk, there is a 20 minute interview with me with Scott Miller and his Top Performance Blog here.  In addition, there is a 20 minute talk I gave at the Taos Institute Conference in 2018 here.


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