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Address:  351 South Hitchcock Way B-110, Santa Barbara, CA 93105

Phone:  (805) 563-2820

Fax:  (888) 709-0867



Directions and Parking:  It is easy to find my office using the map below.  There is ample parking in the lot at the office.  Between 9 AM and 3 PM there is an attendant on duty to assist with parking; after that time, please use any available space. 

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Messages:  Messages may be left for me via phone or email, both of which are confidential.  I check both multiple times during the work week.  I often check email on the weekend and after hours but rarely check voicemail at that time. 

Emergencies:  As I don’t answer my phone during session and often don’t check after-hours messages until the next day, in a true emergency please call Emergency Psychiatric Services (805-569-8339) or dial 911. 

Vacation Coverage:  When I am out of town, I always have another psychologist covering my practice.  His or her  contact information will be left on my office phone.  

351 S. Hitchcock Way B-110, Santa Barbara, CA 93105  •   (805) 563-2820   • 
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