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Introduction:  I have created two standard workshops (described below) that I offer on a regular basis.  The first one is designed for mental health professionals and focuses on how to use pragmatic constructionism to enhance therapeutic outcomes.  The second workshop is focused on how to use constructionism to enhance transformation, change and personal growth.  It is open to individuals, clients, and psychotherapists.  For detailed background on all workshops, please peruse the articles here.

In addition to the standard workshops, I am available to design custom workshops for interested organizations.  These can be as brief as a one hour talk to as long as a week.  Please contact me for more information on custom workshops.

Becoming Charismatic:  Enhancing Therapeutic Outcomes in Constructed Reality:  This two-day workshop focuses on enhancing therapeutic outcomes in beginning and experienced clinicians.  It is based on the provocative findings that techniques have no inherent power and psychotherapy operates in constructed reality.  Because constructed reality is fluid and malleable, it is conducive to rapid, profound and lasting change, especially when the limiting assumptions of standard psychology are released.   

The workshop particularly focuses on how to enhance therapist charisma both in and outside of the room.  At the same time, the ritualistic nature of constructed interventions require a profound client-centered focus both to lean into the client's ultimate concern and to aquire their endorsement for the therapeutic procedures.  Finally there is a focus on altered states and the importance of the perennial philosophy and the oracular Abyss.  The details of the next workshop are on the flyer available here


Dancing with the Abyss:  New Directions for Change and Transformation:  This two-day workshop focuses on the implications of constructionism for personal change and transformation. Essentially, the fluid and malleable nature of constructed reality suggests that transformations can occur more easily, more profoundly, and more permanently than normally thought.  This is particularly true when the assumptions and limitations in the standard mental health model are effectively challenged.

The workshop is focused on experiential exercises and the acquisition of meaningful tools conducive to integrating constructionist principles into your ongoing psychotherapy and personal growth goals.  There is an emphasis on integrating psychological goals with spiritual and existential principles; more specifically, the difference between sacred and secular space will be explored and the usefulness of different kinds of altered states will be integrated into standard practices.  The details of the next workshop are on the flyer available here.

Registration:  send an email to or call 805-563-2820.  If you are ready to pay, use the paypal button below. 

June Dancing with the Abyss

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