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About Dr. Stephen Bacon

Like many psychologists, my experiences and personal history are as important in terms of defining me as a clinician as my formal education and training.  In that sense, my  commitment to personal adventure was my first step on the road to becoming a therapist.  Beginning with camping and horsepacking in the 1950’s and backpacking in the 1960’s, my interests in adventuring encompassed blue water sailing, white water kayaking, canoeing  and rafting, climbing, mountaineering and canyoneering.  I worked outdoors as a guide, instructor, and counselor for Outward Bound and other organizations.  I have trekked in the Himalayas, sailed in the South Pacific, and climbed and explored throughout North America. 

My second major influence has been inner exploration—both existential and spiritual.  I lived in an ashram for almost six years in the 1970’s and taught yoga and meditation.  I have an undergraduate degree in the phenomenology of religion and have both attended and led many retreats and workshops.  I became particularly interested in Constructionism and its implications for the evolution of psychotherapy and have just completed a book and a series of articles about it.

The most important direct influences on my clinical practice are the gifted teachers and practitioners that have taught me via conferences, workshops and direct supervision.  Jack and Helen Watkins, the founders of Ego State Therapy, were important early influences.  I am deeply indebted to the entire Ericksonian movement and particularly appreciated the work of Gilligan, Lankton,  and, of course, Erickson himself.  The field of family therapy,  especially the structural/strategic approach as embodied by Haley and Madones, showed me new ways of seeing and understanding.  And lastly, the mythic and archetypal work of Jung and Campbell provided a frame and a language for the transpersonal aspect of personhood. 

My formal training consists of a Ph.D. from the University of Montana in Clinical Psychology (an APA- approved program) with an internship at the Seattle VA/ University of Washington Medical Center.  I am currently licensed to practice Psychology in California and have let my psychology license in Connecticut expire after I moved to Santa Barbara. 


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