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Client Information

Fees:  I charge $220/hour for individual therapy and $330 for a 90 minute session.  I reserve approximately 1/3 of my practice for reduced fee clients—those experiencing financial hardship—who pay $110/hour. 

Insurance:  As a licensed clinical psychologist, therapy sessions are eligible for reimbursement by most insurance plans.  I do not accept assignment but will help you receive reimbursement  through issuing monthly statements and coaching you on how to be assertive and effective with your insurance company.  Insurance reimbursement for all medical services—but particularly mental health services—is complicated and convoluted.  Those wishing more information may wish to review my Insurance Page.

Paperwork:   If you complete the office paperwork before your first session, it will be more convenient and save time.  Clicking on the following links will provide you with forms that can be printed, filled out at home, and brought to your initial session.

The most important form is the Office Policies Form which describes how my practice functions.  Next I will need the Client Database Form which records demographic information and some brief historical material.  Finally, I am required by law to provide you with a copy of the HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices; please sign a brief Acknowledgment Form stating that you have read the HIPAA form.  Those clients wishing me to discuss their treatment with other doctors or significant others will also have to fill out the Client Release Form. 

Session Recording:  If you request it, I will make an mp3 recording of our session and burn it to a CD.  There is a $5 fee for this recording.    


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